Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Free reads - sci fi & fantasy & humor

PHOENIX, by Alice M. Roelke

This sensitive fantasy short story is about a young girl whose life is saved by a man that can never die.  Or can he?  Set during Halloween, thoughtful, sad and sweet--this is one of my favorite pieces.  Published at "Mindflights" magazine and still available there to read.

A Wizard at War, by A. M. Roelke

This dark short story is a fantasy piece set during WWI.  It was published at Daily Science Fiction and can still be read there.

Blood and Brothers, by Alice M. Roelke

An emotional story about two brothers and a dragon hunt, with not everything being as it appears.  Published at ResAliens, and still available to be read there.


A Gentlewoman's Guide to Time Travel, by Alice M. Roelke

This short and silly piece was first published at Daily Science Fiction, and can still be read there.

Piggot Porkins, by Alice M. Roelke

A goofy sci-fi poem, published at Digital Dragon Magazine, and still available there.

The Literary Hollow, by Alice M. Roelke

A short, goofy piece that was my ode to Mr. Bradbury.  First published in Ethereal Tales in April 2009 and currently available here.

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