Friday, October 29, 2010

the length of signatures

How long is too long, for an email signature?

I keep changing it, but this is my current sig, at five
lines long:

~Alice M. Roelke~ "The Space Station Murders"
sf / mystery novella, coming May 2011
My writing blog:
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In my primary email address, my service provider allows
me five lines only for a signature. I've seen sigs that were
much longer, and ones much shorter. Right now, I'm
using all five lines. But is that too much? Too little?

I'd love some input, if you have any thoughts on the
subject of signature length. :)

You could tell me what you do, and how it works for


Monday, October 25, 2010

Poem: Apollo

A few years ago, I tried to write some poems, mostly sf/f related.
Unfortunately, I've never been the best at poems. For one thing,
I was always confused by forms--and which syllables had stresses.
When I write poetry, I just write what sounds good to me. Anyway,
I was never able to sell any of them. I ran across them recently, and
I still like them, though. Here's one now. -Alice :)

by Alice M. Roelke

of our hopes fears dreams
rockets raced to the moon
metaphorically red white and blue
show of strength, national pride
daydreams made real

Men stood on dry seas
watched the earth rise
On angel's wings, rocket wings
you seemed to carry all our hopes, dreams
took our hearts into space
American flag on extraterrestrial soil
Show of peace
hope for future days

For a brief decade
We painted a bull's-eye on the moon, and flew.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

query sent...!

Today I send a query to Penguin.

And picked out which story I'm going to send to this anthology:

It was a very productive writing day! :D

Also, I bought a long necked pumpkin. They are perfect for pies. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

writing & acceptance

All of my writing life, I've thought that the next success,
I'd find a feeling of confidence about my writing. If I ever
got a story accepted. If I ever got more accepted, or
"enough" accepted. Then, if I ever got a longer story

After each stage, it's never worked. Writing doesn't
bring me the feeling of acceptance or being worthy or
valuable that I want.

But, I still love it. I still write 'for me.' I write because
I can't not write. I write because it helps me stay sane.
I write because I'm a writer.

But, when I look for that feeling, of finally being
"worthy" in my writing--I'm disappointed.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book Fair Fun

Today my mother and I went to visit the tail end
of the York book and Paper Fair:

It was lots of fun. I talked to three people and
bought a few books (although nothing expensive).

My mother offered to buy me a Sherlock Holmes-
themed book, but I resisted temptation. (I'm a big
fan, but it comes in waves, and I didn't want her
wasting money on something I might not read
for six months or more.)

I talked to author Danielle Ackley-McPhail

She was quite nice, and had a fancy hat! It looked
really cool, and I more than ever believe the advice
I once read about how authors should wear a "funny
hat." (Well, her hat wasn't 'funny,' it was actually
really cool-looking....)

And I bought a Donald Lam and Bertha Cool mystery
by A. A. Fair for three dollars from a nice bookseller
who said he wished he'd brought along more of them,
A very kind bookselling woman, whom I unfortunately
didn't catch the name of, helped me pick out some
cheap westerns.

(I've been in the mood since discovering humorous 60s
western-themed TV series, "Alias Smith and Jones," about
two ex-criminals trying to go straight, and the troubles
they manage to get into.)

I also looked at some old photographs, but didn't buy
any. It feels like such a splurge, and faintly creepy,
since I didn't know the people and they are now dead.
I still like old photographs, but haven't quite flipped the
switch and become a collector.

I also saw the York Emporium guy there, although I
didn't talk to him today.

I'm not sure what it would be like to attend such a thing
as either a bookseller, or an author, but it was quite fun as a
reader. :-)

~Alice M. Roelke~ The Space Station Murders, May 2011
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Update 10-14-10

* I made my writing goal last month, with 33,000 words. :-)

* I am very glad Ray Gun Revival (
has good things in store...even if they aren't sharing details so far.

* My family's dog died. :-( She was a very good dog, a beautiful
Golden Retriever. I'll miss her....

* I'm already starting to worry about Christmas. :-( It's too soon!!!