Thursday, October 21, 2010

writing & acceptance

All of my writing life, I've thought that the next success,
I'd find a feeling of confidence about my writing. If I ever
got a story accepted. If I ever got more accepted, or
"enough" accepted. Then, if I ever got a longer story

After each stage, it's never worked. Writing doesn't
bring me the feeling of acceptance or being worthy or
valuable that I want.

But, I still love it. I still write 'for me.' I write because
I can't not write. I write because it helps me stay sane.
I write because I'm a writer.

But, when I look for that feeling, of finally being
"worthy" in my writing--I'm disappointed.



Kat Heckenbach said...

I think that's pretty much all of us. I've read the same thing by authors of well-read books, who still feel like they've not "made it" yet because the book didn't sell x number of copies or whatever. I definitely waffle back and forth about being proud of my accomplishments and being disappointed by them. Seems the next step is never quite high enough.

Hang in there!!!

Lum said...

Yeah, definitely; glad to hear you know what I mean. But...sorry you get it too. :-)

Thanks for commenting! :)