Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book Fair Fun

Today my mother and I went to visit the tail end
of the York book and Paper Fair:

It was lots of fun. I talked to three people and
bought a few books (although nothing expensive).

My mother offered to buy me a Sherlock Holmes-
themed book, but I resisted temptation. (I'm a big
fan, but it comes in waves, and I didn't want her
wasting money on something I might not read
for six months or more.)

I talked to author Danielle Ackley-McPhail

She was quite nice, and had a fancy hat! It looked
really cool, and I more than ever believe the advice
I once read about how authors should wear a "funny
hat." (Well, her hat wasn't 'funny,' it was actually
really cool-looking....)

And I bought a Donald Lam and Bertha Cool mystery
by A. A. Fair for three dollars from a nice bookseller
who said he wished he'd brought along more of them,
A very kind bookselling woman, whom I unfortunately
didn't catch the name of, helped me pick out some
cheap westerns.

(I've been in the mood since discovering humorous 60s
western-themed TV series, "Alias Smith and Jones," about
two ex-criminals trying to go straight, and the troubles
they manage to get into.)

I also looked at some old photographs, but didn't buy
any. It feels like such a splurge, and faintly creepy,
since I didn't know the people and they are now dead.
I still like old photographs, but haven't quite flipped the
switch and become a collector.

I also saw the York Emporium guy there, although I
didn't talk to him today.

I'm not sure what it would be like to attend such a thing
as either a bookseller, or an author, but it was quite fun as a
reader. :-)

~Alice M. Roelke~ The Space Station Murders, May 2011
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