Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cyndere's Midnight, by Jeffrey Overstreet

Cyndere's Midnight, by Jeffrey Overstreet 
Sequel to Auralia's Colors

This lush fantasy novel may be disorienting to those, like me, who haven't yet read the first book.

However, the characters feel real, the world fully-developed.  Things aren't always explained, so you have to learn as you go.

Thick, lush prose and interesting and vivid characters make this book feel like an experience, a step into another world, instead of just a novel.

It's a long book with small print, and it's confusing in spots.  Nevertheless, this story has the feel of greatness about it.  The author writes well.  If it sometimes seems too convoluted, it may be because I don't understand the world yet.  I can always come back to it after I've digested the first in the series.

In all, it’s a beautiful book.  I have the feeling it easily become a classic to many, along with the rest of "The Auralia Thread" series.

I can only applaud the hard work, talent, and skill that went into creating this story’s universe.

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