Thursday, November 3, 2011

YA fantasy romance novel

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Watch Over Me, by Alice M. Roelke

On a grasslands world, a hero's daughter falls for a shape shifter -- the one man she can never have.

When a shape-shifter attacks 15-year-old Meri, a mysterious guy named Porse comes to her rescue. He’s also a shape-shifter—the friend of the Meri’s hero, the dead freedom-fighter Balile.

Porse tells Meri that she is really Balile’s daughter, and the current ruler wants her dead. Porse brings her to a town hidden from danger in the midst of the grasslands.

There she grows up, making friends and meeting her only living relative.

She also inherits her father’s blue sword—and falls increasingly in love with Porse, the one man she can never have.

Coming as an ebook from MuseItUp Publications in 2012.

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