Monday, November 26, 2012

The Girl and the Dragon - published

Since I was last able to post, my story has been published:

The cover art doesn't seem to be correct there yet, but you can see it at the publisher's website, as well as read a sample and pick from various ebook versions to buy a copy from MIUP.

This is an exciting (and scary) time for me.  My first longer story with strong Christian themes to be published, and a rather highly personal story.  I started this book when I was about fifteen.  It took me a long time to finish it, including a break of several years struggling with depression when I couldn't work on it at all.  But I knew it was one of the things I wanted to finish in my life, and that I couldn't just give up no matter how worthless and hopeless everything in my life seemed.  Because I had to finish this story someday.

It was also highly cathartic, whatever its flaws.  I was able to use this story to figure out some things I needed to figure out, about my faith, about being myself, about not giving up, etc.  It sounds trite, I suppose, but this was a very important book for me.

I am so grateful for MuseItUp and my amazing editors and cover artist who helped me make this story better and bring it to life.  Words can't express...  They should be able to, because I am a writer, after all, but... they can't.  It just really means a lot.

If even one teenage girl reads this story and it means half as much to her as it meant to me writing it, I'll be very touched.