Monday, October 25, 2010

Poem: Apollo

A few years ago, I tried to write some poems, mostly sf/f related.
Unfortunately, I've never been the best at poems. For one thing,
I was always confused by forms--and which syllables had stresses.
When I write poetry, I just write what sounds good to me. Anyway,
I was never able to sell any of them. I ran across them recently, and
I still like them, though. Here's one now. -Alice :)

by Alice M. Roelke

of our hopes fears dreams
rockets raced to the moon
metaphorically red white and blue
show of strength, national pride
daydreams made real

Men stood on dry seas
watched the earth rise
On angel's wings, rocket wings
you seemed to carry all our hopes, dreams
took our hearts into space
American flag on extraterrestrial soil
Show of peace
hope for future days

For a brief decade
We painted a bull's-eye on the moon, and flew.



wordlings said...

I love the feel of this poem. It really expresses your love of the space program. Despite your struggle with poems, you ARE a poet.

Lum said...

Aww...thanks for the very nice comment, wordlings! :-)

wordlings said...

You're welcome!

Most poets don't get published.. So don't let that stop your efforts.

I think the use of poems is far reaching to the poet and sometimes the reader. I personally believe that poetry is a valuable forum for the heart and soul of mankind. Without it we would be poorer.

I l-o-v-e poems. Many songs are poems too, we often forget. We open our hearts and reveal the contents (for good or ill) when we spill out a poem.