Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Lost Genre Guild

The Lost Genre Guild was formed to promote and talk about Christian
fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

I belong to the LGG Yahoo! email group. It has a lot of authors,
aspiring and published, and frequent conversations regarding the
publishing industry and different ways to write as a Christian, whether
that be stories where you mention God and scripture, or stories that in
every respect are secular, yet have a strong, moral core.

It turns out there are lots of Christian writers out there, and lots of
ways for Christians to write.

Below is a message from Frank Creed, founder:

"In promoting the Guild, I like to describe us as a tiny little cell in
the Body of Christ, where we all plug into the community and contribute
with our gifts. For those considering membership, I advise that they
Google Lost Genre Guild. If they like what they see, simply read our home
page, and send a brief note through the contact us link at the top of the

Here's a link to the (published) books written by members:

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