Tuesday, September 7, 2010

yo ho ho, writing's fun for me...not?

In retrospect, my blog's title is not the best.

For one thing, it makes it sound as though this writer thing is a bouncy, 'yo ho ho, let's-have-fun' journey. Of course writing is fun, at its best. But not all of the journey is fun. Some days you feel like a hack, can't bear to face the keyboard, and know you'll never have another story accepted.

Or maybe that's just me.

Right now, I'm trying to get together the promo stuff my publisher needs. I hope it doesn't all stink.

I got out an orphaned project this week and have been working on it. I'm really excited. I think I can finish it, if it doesn't have to fit the artificial rules I had for it previously--word count, market, etc. If I just follow where the story wants to go--and it's a really fun one for me--then I can almost certainly finish it. I'm really happy about that. :D

The truth is I have to force myself to share any personal information whatsoever online. But what else is a blog for? So here are three personal things I'm forcing myself to share:

I'm finally starting to feel physically better. Thank goodness.

I'm in worry mode. I hate that.

I'm trying to make decisions regarding my writing. And it's hard.

take care~

~Alice M. Roelke~ The Space Station Murders, May 2011

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Kat Heckenbach said...

It's definitely not "just you." There are so many days I think, "Well, I guess I'm done. That was all I had in me. It's over."

But then another idea hits, or, like you, I get excited about a project I had previously abandoned.

I hate the promo stuff, too. I haven't had to deal with that regarding a published novel yet. But the query thing seems to be a similar monster.

Thanks for sharing :).