Wednesday, October 26, 2011

writing updates


* Updates to my profile on the NaNo website. (AliceWrites)

* Received edits from my editor for Those With Guns, my SF/action short story that will be published by Muse It Up next year.

* did more writing on my Regency romance!

* working on a post about my YA/fantasy novel that's coming out next year. I found the perfect image to use, but needed to contact the photographer on first. :)


* received two turn down notices, one for a short story, one for a novella

* created a Livejournal account: I'm in general more comfortable on this platform, so I hope it will help me do more blogging and promo.

Coming Soon:

* A drawing for a free copy of my SF / Mystery novella, "The Space Station Murders." Stay tuned! :)

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