Friday, March 15, 2013

new ebooks

I decided to start self-publishing some of my previously published older works.

Message to Mars and other stories, by Alice M. Roelke - my Mars stories, previously published by Ray Gun Revival

Thief's Life and other stories - my previously published short Christian fiction, including three prize-winning stories

Dragon Bones - previously published science fiction story in a fantasy setting (sort of)

and this one:

The Runaway Case - a short story about a robot detective -  (Lucy Tingle is an old pen name of mine.  I used it because I wasn't feeling brave enough to publish under my own name at the time!  But I added my real name later.)  This is the only one that wasn't previously published.

Each of these short ebooks sells for 99 cents, though I'm trying to make use of the free days, too.

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