Friday, September 12, 2008

typewriter writing

Today, or rather, yesterday, since it is now after midnight, I worked on my "Sherlock" story. I am now using an electric typewriter in my bedroom. It is a quieter place to write, and, although there are more typos with it, I think it will work well for my first draft.

On the computer, when I wrote it there, I could go back and fix everything before printing it out. But, perhaps sometimes it is better to just write. This will help me with that.

This story is pretty much plotted out. I even have some ideas for the sequel, if I write that. I think it's a good story, with possibilities towards publication someday. But that does undeniably add pressure when I'm writing it. It makes me feel like I have to 'get it right,' instead of that I'm just writing a story wild and fun, to please my muse.

~ Alice M. Roelke ~

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