Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A day when no kid would be afraid

A few years ago, I had to use the bathroom while I was shopping for clothes at K-Mart. As I was washing my hands, two little girls came into the bathroom, close together and nervous. They looked at me, and I could see they were afraid!

Now, I'm not a very intimidating person most of the time. But I was an adult, and they were probably nine and seven, or thereabouts. (They looked like sisters.) It made me so sad that these two little African-American girls were afraid of me.

I left as quickly as I could so they wouldn't have to be afraid.

We teach kids to be careful of strangers, and what else can you do in this world? But I hate to see kids afraid....

I don't remember if I found any good clothes on that trip, but I do remember the looks on those little girls' faces. It makes me ache, those frightened children.

When I remember this, and it makes me sad. And I wish for a day no kid would have to be afraid.


Kat Heckenbach said...

Isn't it true! There have been times I've been afraid to approach a child who needs help for fear that people are going to think I'm up to no good. A small child trying to reach the water fountain, for example--I've picked a kid up to help them reach and wondered, "Is the parent going to come barging over, yelling for me to get my hands off their kid?"

I also hate that I have to put fear in my own kids to assure their safety. But it's necessary. Too many scary things out there. It makes me sad, too.

Lum said...

Thanks for commenting, Kat. Yeah, I know just what you mean.... :(