Monday, September 5, 2011

Story Acceptance, and British Spam

I like Ethereal Tales. It's a small magazine published oversea, in Britain. I was so pleased to have my story features in it a couple of years ago. I got a contributor's copy, and boy am I proud of it! It's a lovely little issue.

Unfortunately, Ethereal Tales is going out of business. Their last issue will be published soon. I'm fortunate enough to have been accepted again for the last issue with my story "A Cat's Prerogative."

This is a story I wrote more years ago than I care to count, and edited and tried to rework a lot. I'm pleased to find a home for it, because I'm fond of this short, SF, cat-centered story. (It's also been rejected more times than I care to count!)

Maybe my last edit brought it up to the mark. Maybe I just finally found the right market for it. Either way, it's a special feeling to find a home for one of my 'babies.' (I know, they're probably not supposed to be my babies...but sometimes they are.) :)

On a somewhat different note, Ethereal Tales gave the option of signing up for an email address on their site where readers could contact authors. I signed up, and never heard from one reader. But I have started to get spam forwarded from it pretty regularly.

Perhaps there is something I could do to stop it, but I haven't bothered. Because to be honest, I enjoy it. It's British spam, advertising things like a special trip on the Orient Express. Honestly, it makes me feel more cultured just reading it.

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