Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Free Ebook Contest

"The Space Station Murders," by A. M. Roelke

So, my SF/mystery/buddy story novella "The Space Station Murders," by A.M. Roelke (20,000 words) came out in May this year. I'm allowed to give out several promo copies per year for contests. I haven't done a lot of that so I'd like to catch up now.

I'll give out THREE copies, drawing to be held on Dec. 27. I'll pick who gets it with a random number generator, no favoritism or special answers needed. Just comment and let me know you want a copy. If only three people comment, each will get a copy.

If you win, I'll need your email address so I can send you a copy in one of these three formats:


*edit* Very sorry! I had said RTF but actually it's PDF. The other available formats are correct. :)

(This is my email address, if you'd rather not post yours publically: amroelke AT gmail.com. You only need to email me if you win! If you'd rather post your email for quicker correspondence, that works as well. It's really up to you.)

I'd suggest, before commenting, that you read the two Amazon.com reviews to see if the story interests you: The Space Station Murders--on Amazon (Reviews here.)

Or read the beginning of the story here: The Space Station Murders--from the publisher (Excerpt here.)

Or, you can read the review that compares me to Robert Heinlein.

P.S. If you're a book reviewer and would rather have a review copy than enter a contest, just contact me about who you are and where you'd post a review. I'd also need you to let me know your email address and which format you'd prefer (of the three I have available).


Anonymous said...

Sure, I'll try my luck again! *crosses fingers*

-mongrelheart from LJ

Joylene said...

Pick me--pick me!

cluculzwriter at yahoo dot com

Thanks, Alice! Merry Christmas.

Stoney M. Setzer said...

I'd like a copy! Merry Christmas!--SMS

frank zubek said...

Alice Couldn't find your email but I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your EDF story, He Gave Me Coal. I gave it 5 stars.

If you don't mind I posted a link to it on my blog to share

Good luck with your works

Mindy said...

Hi A,M. :)
Merry Christmas to you and yours,
I just read Chapter 1 of The Space Station Murders, & read the reviews, COOL!
Please , please count me in 8D
The book looks like a great read.

Mindy :)

Lum said...

Thank you all for commenting! These are the winners, picked using http://www.random.org/:

Kam Oi Lee

Please contact me if I don't have your address! :) Let me know what format you'd like. :)

amroelke AT gmail.com

Thank you for playing! :)