Thursday, January 26, 2012

Writing from the point of view of an African American... when you're not

I've been wanting to write a romance idea that occurred to me. I think it would be amazing.

The problem? The main, POV character is African American.

I'm not.

At first I thought, "Okay, that'll work. I've written from a man's point of view, surely it wouldn't be any harder to write from another's woman's, even if she's African American and I'm not."

But then I started to wonder.

I don't want to do a rotten job or be cultural offensive. I'm not a genius, just a writer.

I always enjoy trying to write from under someone else's skin, imagine other people's experiences and viewpoints. But I can't know how well it will turn out, or even IF it will turn out.

Is writing this character something I shouldn't even attempt? Or should I try, and see how it goes?

Any advice for the process (or research I should do), if I do attempt this story?


Enita Meadows said...

I think it's a lovely idea, and I don't think you should be afraid of offending people. I say just put yourself in your character's skin like you always do. Her personality shouldn't be defined by her ethnicity, right? It's just a small part of many pieces of her character. :) If you don't make a huge deal within the text about how she's Black/African American, there's no reason you would risk offending people. I don't see any wrong in going ahead and doing it. :)

((And if you ever need a beta reader, I'd love to take a look at it. :]))

madcapmaggie said...

Do your research. Read books by Black authors. Speak to Black readers/writers. Ask Black authors/readers to read a draft of your book. In short, do your research the way you would anything else.

But I agree with Enita -- give it your best shot. We need more White authors willing to put Black characters in their fiction.

Lum said...

Enita--thank you so much!! :D I really appreciate your words and your offer to beta read!! :)

I don't know how long it will take to write the story, but I definitely want to try, and I will surely think of you as a beta.

Thanks so much!! :)

Lum said...

madcapmaggie, Thank you for your advice, and you're right, I should do some research & give it a try at least!! :D Thank you for commenting~!! :)

Annie said...

Hi Alice,

See you've set yourself another challenge.

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Brandon Barr said...

Alice, I love the cover for your new novel. Very eye-catching.