Monday, January 2, 2012

Recent stories:

Jackson Bluffs (space opera / sci fi / Mars related):

He Gave Me Coal (a Christmas romance, very short):

For those interested, this is what I wrote in my email announcement for Jackson Bluffs:

My story, Jackson Bluffs, by Alice M. Roelke, is up at Ray Gun Revival. :)

I wrote this story ages ago to go with my other Mars stories, which
were published in the old RGR years ago. I had sent this one to
"Space Westerns," however. They sent me an acceptance after a long
time, but never published it, so eventually I asked for it back.
(They're supposed to be back to publishing sometime next year, but in
the meantime I'm very glad my story found a home at RGR!) :-)

My other Mars stories are:

"Message to Mars"
"Evergreen and Always"
(a Christmas story)
"Sky Voices"
(All three of these are a bit angsty! The current one isn't.)

When I was younger I had a whole Mars-related timeline/universe in my
head and I loved playing with it, though I never seemed to get the BIG
one written! Some of this universe still persists for me and
influences my writing. Though I still don't know if I'll ever write
"the big one!" :)

Anyway, I'm very grateful that my fourth Mars-related story has a home
now, even though it's taken a few years. :)

And, after I talked with my mom about my short Christmas romance, I realized that I might have enough that didn't come through in the story (but that I thought had!), to create a whole novel out of it. And that would be an excellent Christmas present (belated, of course).

In other news, I am REALLY getting frustrated with my S-L-O-W connection and old computer access. I'm about ready to swear off both until I can do better!

In other-other news, I'm really getting somewhere with my Regency romance, "Laurie's Painter." It's over 30,000 words now. I love Regency, never thought I would be able to write it, but am feeling hopeful for this story to work out.

Also, I still can't get Blogger to stop turning my tags and titles into sanskrit, so once again, this entry is without. >:(

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